Making your site available to the public

Your site it is not available to the public either because it is in the development environment (dev) or it is in maintenance mode in the production environment. The following instructions will help you to get your site ready for the public to see.

  • If your site is in Production - If your site is in Production and the URL is the one you want when the site is available to the public (, just disable Maintenance Mode and your site is live.

  • If your site is in Development (dev) - Your site is in development if there is a dev in the URL ( D6 or D7). 

    • ​Complete the Go-Live request form to request your site is moved to the production (“live”) environment. These deployments happen on Tuesday and Thursday evenings*.

    • Transition URLs - Please indicate that you want to maintain the same URL as the dev instance OR if you want a new URL when you complete the Go-Live request form. Complete the Redirect fields to redirect the old URL to the new URL - to

  • Websites migrated to cloud work on weekly schedule, please refer to YaleSites Cloud Q/A.

Deployment Schedule*

Request is made
Ticket is created
(YaleSites Team)
Site is provisioned
Site is available
By Monday afternoon Tuesday morning Tuesday evening Wednesday morning
By Wednesday afternoon Thursday morning Thursday evening Friday morning