Importing a Google Calendar Feed Using the Agenda Module

The Agenda module allows you to display a list of upcoming events from Google Calendar as a block on your website. The example below provides instructions for enabling the Agenda Module and how to import your Google Calendar into your YaleSite.

Enabling the Agenda Module

  1. Enable the Agenda Module.
  2. Select Modules, check Agenda and click Save Configuration.

Agenda Module

Creating a Feed

  1. Select Configuration > Web Services > Agenda.
  2. Select Create a New Block.
  3. Edit Fields as follow: [See Screen Capture]
    • Administrative title: Desired title for block.
    • Agenda start: “now” – This will only include events that have not yet started.
    • Agenda end: “+% months” – This will display any events that occur in the next entered months. Replace “%” with desired number.
    • Dates to display: Enter desired number of events to display.
    • Maximum number of events to fetch: Enter desired number of events to import.  
    • Date formatting: Specify the date format.
    • Time formatting: Specify the time format.
    • Text to display if no events are found: Use Default
    • Calendar link text: Use Default
    • Amount of time to cache event data: Use Default
    • Display fields: Comma separated list of fields to display in the event summary.
    • Hide labels: Comma separated list of fields for which the label should not be displayed.
    • Google Calendar IDs: The IDs of each google calendar you want to display.
    • Timezone: The timezone identifier
  4. Save Settings.

Assigning Block to Region

  1. Go to Structure > Blocks
  2. Find block named “Agenda: YourBlockName” and select Configure                                             
  3. Assign block to desired region.                                      Agenda Region Settings
  4. Specify what page the block should show in.                   Agenda Block Settings
  5. Save Configuration.

Applying Style to Block

To attach a style to the Agenda Module you need to create a CSS Injector Rule. If you do not have CSS Injector, see instructions on Enabling CSS Injector.

Apply the Following CSS Rules:Agenda Module CSS Styiling

Note: Copy and paste the code from these files into separate CSS Injector rules.