Getting changes merged upstream

When your work is mature, it must be merged in to the drupal/d7 main repo in order for your code to make it upstream to production.

PLEASE NOTE: Changes to your forked repo outside of sites/all/themes will not be merged upstream, and your pull request will be denied. Before submitting, please review the changed files in pull request are only files inside your theme.

Please refer to Known Issues for any known problems related you may see as part of this process.

For forked repositories

  1. From your repository, click the Pull Requests tab on the right.
  2. Next, click the green New Pull Request button.
  3. Review the changes of your pull request by clicking the Files Changed tab. It is helpful to then click the Show Diff Stats button to see a list of files changed, and review the list to make sure you are not requesting to have files outside of sites/all/themes/themename be merged.
  4. After changes have been reviewed, click the link at the top that says Click to create a pull request for this comparison. Enter a title and any comments, then click the Send pull request button.
  5. The Web Team will review your changes and comment back on your request. If changes are needed, you can update the code in your repository and the pull request will be automatically updated.
  6. If the site is going live, fill out a Go-Live request. If it is already live, a deployment will be created when your pull request has been merged.

For manually-created repositories

Github allows a repository to only be forked once. Manually-created repositories must have their code merged manually at the command line since a pull request cannot be created. To request your code be merged, please follow the steps below to create an issue. The issue will be closed when code has been merged.

  1. Visit the main drupal/d7 main repository issues page
  2. Create a new issue requesting the repository to merge from, and directories that need to be merged.