The Gallery Feature provides a way for you to create an inline photo gallery or slideshow that is embedded as part of your page. This feature also provides a list of photo galleries for your site in the event you have multiple galleries you want to display. You can access the page at

Enable the Yale Gallery Feature

Once the feature is enabled you can begin to add photo galleries to your site.

  • Click on Modules, and scroll down to the Features section to locate the Yale Gallery Feature.

Adding a Gallery to your site

  1. Click on Content -> Add content -> Gallery in the toolbar.
  2. Complete the following fields where applicable:
    • Enter the Title of your page/photo gallery.
    • Change the date in the event that it is different from today’s date.
    • Click on Advanced Upload and drag the images you want to be part of the gallery to the pane.
      Add multiple images to your gallery
    • Click on Start Upload.
    • Enter alternate text to be used by screen readers and a title for the caption text that displays below the image.
    • Enter the details about the gallery in the Description field.
    • Add a link to a related news story from an external website.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the page and publish it live.

Feature Specifications

Content Type

The Gallery Content Type has the following fields:

  • Title – title of the gallery
  • Image – upload field; allows you to upload as many images as you like.
  • Date – date of the gallery; can be different from today’s date.
  • Description – main body content including links, images, etc. Images that are uploaded should be placed below the first paragraph, as the image field displays in the upper left corner of the landing page.
  • URL alias - gallery/page-title


The gallery itself displays on the page you create.

  • Gallery Listing Page – displays the 10 most recent galleries and a pager when there are 11 or more items. The first image as the thumbnail. Page URL is set to