Faculty Publications

The Faculty Publications Feature provides a way for academic departments to showcase the publications of Faculty members such as books, papers, publications etc. Publications added automatically link the Faculty member bios to the page and a dynamic block is available to display related publications on the Faculty member’s bio page. In addition a page of publications is available with all publications for your site.

Add publications to your site

  1. Click on Content -> Add content -> Faculty Publications in the toolbar.
  2. Complete the following fields where applicable following the help text to format correctly:
    • Add the publication title and subtitle or series (where applicable).
    • Choose the Author/Faculty member from the auto-complete field (the faculty member must be added first in order for them to be available in this list).
    • Upload a book cover image and provide a description of the publication.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the page and publish it live.
  4. The publication automatically display on the Faculty Bookshelf listing.

Displaying Publications on Faculty Profiles

You can display a list of publications that are linked to the Faculty Profile by assigning the View: Faculty Publications: Dynamic Author Block to the Content Region.

Feature Specifications

Fields may be added and Views adjusted as desired.

Content Type

The Faculty Publications Content Type has the following fields:

  • Publication title – title of the publication
  • Subtitle or Series – where applicable, add subtitle of book or name of series
  • Author/Faculty Member – link to Faculty Member who authored the publication
  • Description – Description of the publication


  • Faculty Bookshelf Page – listing of publications for all Faculty on your site. Page URL is set to yoursite.yale.edu/faculty-bookshelf
  • Dynamic Author Block – displays publications for the author directly on their profile page.