News Feature

The News Feature provides a way for departments and organizations to add news items and list them in various ways. The News Feature provides a Content Type for capturing the news articles and various Views to display the content. All you need to do is add news items to your site, and they will automatically display in the news listing page with the most recent on the top of the list.

Adding News to your site

  1. Click on Content -> Add content -> News in the toolbar.
  2. Complete the following fields where applicable:
    • Upload an image.
    • Choose a date from the pop-up calendar if it is different from today’s date
    • Enter the main body content (description)
    • Add a link to a related news story from an external website.
  3. Click on the Save button to save the page and publish it live.

Feature Specifications

Content Type

The News Content Type has the following fields:

  • Title – title of the news item
  • Image – upload field; the image displays in the upper left corner of the landing page and as the thumbnail in the News listing page
  • Content –  main body content including links, images, etc. Images that are uploaded should be placed below the first paragraph, as the image field displays in the upper left corner of the landing page.
  • Date – date the article is created; can be different from today’s date.
  • Related Link – link to a related news article on an external website.
  • URL Alias – news/page-title


  • News Page – listing of 10 most recent News items; full pager displays below when 11 or more news items are available. Page URL is set to
  • News Block – displays the three most recent News items; ‘More’ link in the lower right corner opens the News page; displays on the home page in the content area.
  • News Listing Block – displays a list of links to the five most recent news items.
  • Side Listing Teasers Block – displays a list of the five most recent news items with a thumbnail image, Title as link to article page and intro text for the article.
  • Side News Scroller Block – Same as the Side Listing Teaser Block but has a scroll bar so you can include more stories in a smaller amount of space.
  • News Archive Block – links to the 12 most recent month listing of archives; this block only displays as archives are available.
  • Views Accordion News Page – displays the 7 most recent news listings, where the title expands to display the entire article or teaser.