Choose a YaleSites 2016 Theme

You can e​asily switch to another design template as well as customize your site’s accent colors and sidebar heading styles. 

  1. Click on Appearance > Design Options in the Administrator Toolbar.
  2. Select the desired YaleSites 2016 Theme you want (YaleSites Standard 2016* is selected by default).

Wide 2016
YaleSites Wide 2016
Standard 2016
YaleSites Standard 2016
Boxed 2016
YaleSites Boxed 2016

Things to Look for if You Are Switching to the YaleSites 2016 Themes
  • CSS Adjustments - disable all CSS that you have added with your previous theme.
  • Random Blocks  - Preface and Postscript Regions are now available with the 2016 themes. You might find some Blocks displaying because they had been placed in these Regions but were not available.


Design Options - 2013 Themes


There are three site designs available:

Standard (Default)

Accent Colors

Choose from a variety of accent colors for the main navigation. These colors can also be applied to the sidebar headings (see below).

Design Options - Charcoal - Default Charcoal (Default)
Design Options - Eggplant Eggplant
Design Options - Green Green
Design Options - Maroon Maroon
Design Options - Olive Olive
Design Options - Orange Orange
Design Options - Teal Teal

Sidebar Headings

There are four sidebar heading styles available. You can also apply the same accent colors as above to match or contrast with your site accent color. Shown below is Charcoal, the default color.

SIdebar Options

Image Effects

Apply drop shadows and borders to images throughout your site.

Image Effects