Custom module development

With the number of contributed modules available from, it is rare that a custom module need be developed. In light of this, custom modules should not be developed without the prior approval from the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. Please first contact if you have questions about developing a custom module.

If your module has been approved for development, please follow the instructions in the next section.

Custom module .info file specifics

  1. Add your custom module to the sites/all/modules/custom directory.
  2. Add the following to your .info file so your theme displays in the Yale fieldset on the modules page:
    package = Yale
  3. Since every YaleSite is derived from the same code base, your module lives in the same code base used by other sites. In order to hide your module, add the following line to your module’s .info file:
    allowed_sites[] =

    Replace with the production URL to your site. This will allow your theme to only be visible on your site. You only need to add the live/production URL and the dev environment will be accounted for automatically. If the module applies to more than one site, add additional entries as needed:

    allowed_sites[] =
    allowed_sites[] =