Creating an Image Upload Content Type

There are times when you need a place to store an image for another application or email. This is often the case for Bedeworks Calendar where you want to add images to the header. Do to this, you need to:

  • create a Content Type that allows you to upload the image to your YaleSite
  • create a View that allows you to display the images you uploaded, and get the URL from that display. 

You can either create the View manually or download the following files and import them.

Create the Content Type and View Manually

  1. Use the basic instructions to create the Content Type, adding only an image field. Creating custom content types and fields
  2. Use the basic instructions to create the view that lists all the images you have uploaded. Displaying content with views

Importing the Content Type and View

Rather than recreate the structures you can use the following instructions to import the Content Type and View (Reusing content types and views). Upload the following files.

Getting the URL for the Image

To get the URL for the image to use in the other application or email, simply click on the image and copy the URL from the browser location field.