Create lists

You can easily create numbered or bulleted lists using the icons on to the WYSIWYG toolbar. You can also indent a paragraph of text or highlight it with quotes.

WYSIWYG Numbered List Numbered List
WYSIWYG Bulletted List Bulleted List
WYSIWYG Blockquote icon Blockquote
WYSIWYG Indent Icon Indent
WYSIWYG Outdent icon Outdent

Create a Basic List

  1. Place your cursor where you want the list to begin and click on the desired icon.
  2. To continue a list, just start a new line and the bullet or number style continues.
  3. To remove a list format, just click on the bulleted list icon again and your text has the paragraph format.

Nested Lists

You can also create nested lists using both Numbered and Bulleted lists.

  1. Create your first list by clicking on the Numbered list icon WYSIWYG Numbered List.
  2. Press Return to create another list item.
    • Press Return again and then click on the Indent icon WYSIWYG Indent Icon. This creates the second hierarchy.
    • Click on the Bulleted list icon WYSIWYG Bulletted Listto change the list format to bullets.
    • Continue with the items you want to display as a bulleted list.
    • When you are ready to return to a Numbered list, press Return to start a new line.
  3. Click on the Numbered list icon WYSIWYG Numbered List and then the Outdent icon WYSIWYG Outdent icon. This pushes the line out to the top level and resumes the sequence of numbers.

Quoted Paragraphs

You can use the Blockquote button WYSIWYG Blockquote icon to created “quoted” paragraphs. Just create your paragraph of text and click on the Blockquote button. The quote images display at the beginning and end of the paragraph.

Important Note: In order to make sure the quotes are only on the one or two paragraphs you want, you need to add all your paragraphs. Then select the paragraph(s) you want to have the quotes around and click the Blockquotes icon.