Calendar Features

YaleSites provides 2 Feature that enable you to capture your events to display on your site – the YaleSite Calendar Feature and the Yale Bedework Calendar Feature.

YaleSites Calendar Feature

The Calendar feature provides a way to add your events to your site and list them in various displays, including a calendar grid. Read more about the YaleSites Calendar Feature

Yale Bedework Calendar and Feature

The Yale Institutional Calendar ( is developed using the Bedework calendar system that conforms to current calendaring standards. Events are hosted on a centralized server so that events can be shared across many platforms including YaleSites. Read more about the Yale Institutional Calendar

  • The YaleSites Bedework Calendar Feature allows you to pull events from your existing Yale Institutional Calendar so they can display on your YaleSite. This eliminates the need to enter the events in 2 places and provides you with a uniform way to display your information. 

Displaying Events from External Calendars

There are many groups that have external calendars other than Bedework (Google) but would like to display the events as if they were part of their YaleSite. The following options are available: