Audio and Video

YaleSites provides several ways to add Audio and Video content from external streaming services. Regardless of the method used, it is important to know that all Audio and Video files must be stored by a 3rd Party service such as VimeoYouTube, or SoundCloud. YaleSite provides Modules to pull the media into your site, however, you must store your files in a YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud account in order to use this module. 

Broadcast Media Center has further information on how to distribute audio/video content through Yale official channelsIf you do not have or wish to have your own account, please contact Yale Broadcast to request hosting your files on Yale Partner’s Umbrella.  

Recommended External Media Providers

As additional media providers become available we will work on making these accessible via YaleSites. Please contact the YaleSites team with suggestions. 

Adding Audio and Video to Your YaleSite

You can either embed Audio and Video through the WYSIWYG toolbar or use Content Types and Views for more control in the presentation to create lists or featured blocks. 

YaleSites Video Feature - provides the basic Content Type and Views you need to start displaying your Videos hosted on Vimeo or YouTube. 

SoundCloud Audio Field - allows you to create a SoundCloud field in a custom Content Type so you can display your audio in a list Block view display. 

Privacy Information

Each of the recommended providers allow you to control access to who sees your media. 

SoundCloud (

Privacy Options:

  • Public sharing means that anyone can listen to your sound, and it will show up on your profile page.
  • Private sharing is exclusive, giving you control over who has access to your tracks and who doesn’t. Private tracks won’t show up on your public profile and can’t be searched for within SoundCloud.

Vimeo (

Privacy Options:

  • Anyone - Allow anyone to see this video.
  • Only me - Make this video visible to me and no one else
  • Only people I follow - Make my videos visible only to people I follow on Vimeo
  • Only people I choose - I’ll select people with whom I want to share this video (only works with other Vimeo members)
  • Only people with a password Protect this video with a password (Share password* protected videos with non-Vimeo members)
  • Hide this video from (Plus + PRO only) - I want to post this video on the web but don’t want it to be available on (This will hide your video on and remove it from public Albums, Channels, and Groups.)


  • Anywhere - Enable people to embed this video on any site
  • Nowhere - Do not allow anyone to embed this video
  • Only on sites I choose (Plus + PRO only) - I’ll specify sites on which people can embed this video

YouTube (

Privacy Options:

  • Public – can be seen by anyone
  • Unlisted – doesn’t show up on YouTube, but anyone with link can see them
  • Private – visible only to users you select via Google+, requires Google account to watch