Add your page to a menu

If you want to add your new page to a menu, you can do that as you create your page. When you scroll to the bottom of your page, you will see a set of vertical tabs. The first option is Menu settings where you will assign your page to a menu.

Menu setting - provide a menu link

Click the Provide a menu link check-box and you will see fields for the Menu link title, Description and drop-down selector (Parent item) where you can select the menu you want the link appear on.

Menu settings - provide a menu link checked

  • Menu link title – the title of the page displays, but it can be changed if you want the menu link to be different from the title of the page i.e. ‘About us’ would be the menu link for About the English Department page title.
  • Description – not required. This text displays when a site visitor hovers over the link so it can provide more information.
  • Parent item – choose the menu you want your menu link to appear on. The drop-down selector provides only the menus that are available for that specific content type.