About Yalesites

Key features

  • No special software or licensing fees:
    All you need is a web browser and access to the Internet to start creating a sophisticated website.
  • Content maintenance made easy:
    Updating content using the web-based admin tool is as easy as filling out a form. No special technical skills necessary.
  • Flexible design templates:
    YaleSites Templates offer three attractive designs to choose from plus additional color and style options for customization.
  • Managed workflow:
    You can manage who has admin access to your site and what tasks they are allowed to perform. Assign Yale colleagues roles based on the permissions you set.
  • Calendar integration with Bedework:
    Add an events calendar to your site and sync it with your Yale Bedework calendar.
  • Site-wide search:
    Built-in search capabilities so site visitors can easily find content on your site.
  • Built-in mobile optimization:
    YaleSites uses “responsive design” to deliver a mobile-friendly user experience on tablets and smart phones.
  • Multimedia:
    Add interactivity to your site with photo galleries, rotating images, and embedded videos.
  • Webforms:
    Create surveys, questionnaires and contact forms. Review and manage submissions through your site’s admin tool, or export the information to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Site analytics & tracking:
    Enable Google Analytics to find out what content is most popular, how visitors are reaching your site, what percentage of visits is from internal Yale traffic, and much more!
  • Backed-up and secure: 
    YaleSites servers are managed by ITS Infrastructure, ensuring your site is secure, available 24/7, and backed up nightly.

Design options

YaleSites provides two web publishing options: YaleSites Self-Service  and YaleSites Custom.

YaleSites Self-Service

This offering allows you to create a website with little technical or design expertise required. A template gets you started with a design based on Yale web guidelines and a set of “out-of-the-box” features and tools like a news listing, photo galleries, social media capabilities and built-in mobile optimization. view portfolio of sites

YaleSites Self-Service is ideal for:

  • creating a web presence for an academic or administrative department
  • smaller sites for projects, laboratory groups or research programs
  • creating sub-sites of larger existing department sites
  • departments and organizations with limited in-house technical expertise and/or budget

There are three designs to choose from with several color and style options that allow for additional customization.

Standard 2016
YaleSites Standard 2016
Wide 2016
YaleSites Wide 2016
Boxed 2016
YaleSites Boxed 2016

YaleSites Custom

YaleSites Custom allows organizations the ability to deliver a completely customized site with a unique design and extended functionality beyond what YaleSites Templates offer. Building a custom YaleSite requires an advanced technical staff member/team or outside vendor. If you would like a custom site, your developers (in-house or outside vendor) will need to follow our step-by-step process, including signing the YaleSites Custom Agreement. view instructions

YaleSites Custom is ideal for:

  • sites that require a distinct design and/or complex layout
  • sites that require more robust functionality beyond what YaleSites Templates offer
  • departments and organizations with a technical staff member, or the budget to hire an outside vendor

Interested in learning more? Email yalesites@yale.edu to set up a consultation.

Cost & eligibility

YaleSites is powered by Drupal, a free, open-source content management system. There are no licensing fees and hosting is provided by ITS for free. If you decide to hire an outside vendor to help build your site, costs will be incurred for any design and development work they provide.

Who may apply for a YaleSite:

  • Schools, departments and organizations
  • Labs and research centers
  • Student groups - All Yale student groups (undergraduate, graduate and professional- and for postdoctoral fellows) must now be registered and listed on http://yaleconnect.yale.edu, the CampusLabs -Orgsync management system.

Sites NOT eligible: