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Adding a search field for professors' names
On our courses content view here: we have a variety of search options. There is a question about whether...
requesting help
help updating site requested the week of April 3–specifically, Wednesday, April 5, or Thursday, April 6. Let me know what times might work, or...
People Image Sizing
Good morning, I found that the Chemistry Department website has a very nice layout of their People’s pages. Their...
Embedding Facebook post
Hello,  I would like to embed a facebook post onto our homepage under the “Featured Facebook Post” section. I have tried but as you will see, the...
Changing the subcategory title of a view and multimedia category; View funcitionality Issue
Hi YaleSites, My team would like to change the subcategory title of a view represented in a block (sidebar second) on the following webpage http://...
Upcoming Events list past events
Hello,  I just noticed that when you visit our Events page and view upcoming events, it lists all the events ever posted, including past events from...
Site has gone buggy.
Photos are disappearing from our directory and names are being duplicated. On the last page of staff names, “Z”, the photo is now gigantic. Also, I...
Duplicating a website
Is there any way to duplicate an existing page? I have created this page for an event and would like to use the same information for a different...
Office Hour Request
I would like to set up an office hour appointment to trouble shoot a few problems we are having. Among others, the “basic page” option has...
Office Hours Request
I am writing to request office hours to resolve a few issues on the CMHC Foundation site. We are experiencing issues with the appearance of our site...
unpublish a page
Hello! Could you tell me how to specifically unpublish a page? This is the page I want to unpublish so that we can use it again in the future: http...
Image Upload Problems
I’ve been trying to upload images to our Sponsor page by using Edit -> Image -> Choose File -> Upload it to the Server. Every time I...
newsletter system broken
I have this newletter subscription form I am working on.… I added Data...
Search functionality for Forum Module
Hello, We recently added a forum to our website (using the Forum module) and noted that the instructions didn’t include anything about search...
Adding people and publications
I’m trying to add lab members to the “People” page and lab publications to the “Publications” page using the YaleSites pre-built features. I...
disable page - not delete
Hi!, I need to disable one of our pages on our website temporarily - but disabling does not seem to help - the page is still up.  I do not want to...
Page Anchors
Hi,  I’m trying to create an anchor within a content page that I can then drive people to that spot from an “external” link. I’m not sure...
help updating photos and conference-registration content
(For Carris Toupin) Might we meet, possibly on Wednesday, March 8, ideally to finish by 4:00? Many thanks– Susan Bianconi
Calendar sync and people editing problem
I would like to request office hours to deal with two problems which are not being resolved. 1) iCal sync with Calendar. I followed the steps and we...
Add Content: Bug?
I am trying to add a new issue to the Spanish Translations page of the Journal of Industrial Ecology website and seem to have encountered a bug....