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change heading from Postdocs and Fellows
We want that page to be just Postdocs, with a separate page to be created at a later time for Fellows. How can I edit out the words “and Fellows”?
Item next to site tittle
 There is an item next to the site title, on other than front pages. Not sure what it is and how to remove it. Thank you, Tanja
Maintenance mode only working for some pages, but not all??
I placed in maintenance mode now that the Grace Hopper site ( is live....
Custom Site on Acquia Cloud
The site is on Acquia Cloud, so the Site Backup module does not work. How do I get a snapshot of the database and files directory...
Exhibitions View Discrepancy
Hello YaleSites Team, We have an inconsistency in the longer exhibition titles in the “past exhibitions” view. The following exhibitions titles run...
Problem with CSV data download on site
Hi Yale sites helpers, We have a form or worksheet, but the download CSV function for downloading the results is not working. It’s a button at...
using tokens in content types
please note you need a cas log in for this site i created a content type (honor roll forum post) where in the staff name field, i am trying to use a...
Add meta tag to <head> of the homepage
Hello, I’d like to add this site to our Youtube channels associated sites so that we can link to it from our training videos. In order for...
Deleting rotating header
Hello, I am trying to delete a rotating header image from the home page of my site: the image is a Yale Commencement 2017, a scene of graduates...
CAPTCHA Reuse error
The CAPTCHA was giving users a “reuse” error. We had a patient complain and then we checked it ourselves. We are also having troubles with our forms...
meeting with Carris Toupin
Hi, I’m writing to set up an appointment with Carris Toupin to go over some changes to our website that she and I have been discussing. We...
Private files
I’m having trouble making files hyperlinked on our webpages private, such that only users with CAS authentication can view them. These files...
User profile fields pulled into a webform
Can you tell me how to pull in user profile fields into a webform? It would be great if an answer could be provided by end of day tomorrow. Thanks so...
Layout and captcha problem in IE
When viewed in IE, our banner and the Yale banner at the very top left of the page in the blue background is broken. Also, on that Submit your Class...
Migrating to a new theme with a customized site
I have some questions about migrating to the 2016 Yale Wide theme for our lab site. Apparently, we have some customizations that may make this...
Webform creation
I would like to create forms to track students progression through the PhD programs as well as our joint degrees. We should be able to have tracked...
Restrict content type from Google web search, not from Drupal or Yale's Google instance
Hi, I would like to exclude a specific content type from being found from Google searches on the web but NOT from Yale’s Google instance or...
Allowing people to Update Personal Account Information
I created a new role (Page Editor) for testing whether a staff member could edit her own page. She is unable to  edit and none of us see  the below...
Can this patch be applied to display more than 10 entity references in a dropdown menu?
I have a content type where affiliations (entity references) can be selected when entering conference participants, but only 10 affiliations show at...
People order view doesn't seem to be working
Hi there, The order view on my People page doesn’t seem to be working.  I would like the graduate students section above the alumni section.  I...