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reCAPTCHA error "invalid domain for site key"
I had a webform in a block on the front page of for users to put in their email addresses for email notices. Originally...
HTML Titles module
Our page is about variation in North American English, so we often use <i></i> tags to indicate that we are referring to an English word...
slideshow glitch
There appears to be a glitch when viewing slideshows at The featured photo views normally, but the photos in the queue below...
Link not changing
Hello, This morning I edited a link in my dropdown under Departments > Sustainability > Sustainability Strategic Plan. I changed “...
YSN Simulation Lab Room Request Form
Hi, It seems that our faculty is having a problem submitting  room request forms for the Simulation Lab. Sometimes a request will go through fine but...
Gallery editing problem
I tried to add photos to the gallery for the Gibbs building demolition and it shows duplicate copies of the photos I uploaded. I am unable to delete...
Error Message for New CAS user
Hi -  I added one of our Senior Admins to be an editor on the site lc464 and when she tries to login she gets the following error message: “A new...
Editing Footer of Website
Hi there, How do I add information the footer at the bottom of the website? When I click on configure block, I don’t see the information in any...
Delete File That Cannot be Found on Site
Hello, I cannot find where the above link resides to be able to remove it permanently. This faculty has requested for the chapter to be removed from...
A fix on Dean Karlan website
When I add a new academic paper, if there are no co-authors, I would like the words “joint with” to NOT show up. See this academic paper for an...
Requesting Office Hours for YaleSites editing
Hi, I’m requesting to meet with a YaleSites trainer to help me and my colleague Amanda Farrell update the website with a new...
Sidebar one visibility
Dear YaleSites, The menu of links (sidebar 1)  on two pages of our website have disappeared: 1. the undergraduate major page ( http://afamstudies....
News Item on Homepage
On our homepage, on the preview of a new item, the article is truncated awkwardly.  The article is New Professor of South Asian Art Joins Yale...
Taxonomy listing
Hi, I’ve created a taxonomy list that now has approximately 120 terms. The full list of these terms only exposes 110 of them via the Admin...
YaleSites Office Hours
I am writing to request Office Hours with Carris on 4/11 to review our site and plan for major changes. I am available to meet from 1-2 PM.  Best...
People pages not showing profiles
I’m trying to use the People Listing feature. But, when I add people and select their “People type”, they don’t appear on the appropriate...
Webform issue
I followed the direction but my web-form did not appear
Content changes not showing up
Hello, The content changes I’ve made to the ‘people’ section of my website aren’t showing up even though they’ve been saved. I...
Instagram Feed Missing
YSN’s home page had an instagram feed in the bottom 3rd bar of the homepage along with “most popular links” and “upcoming events” however, it...
Breadcrumb issue on publications page
Hi, I just noticed an issue with the breadcrumb for the page titled TRI Bulletin Archive. Instead of showing a path from the Publications page, it...