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restore deleted page
I accidently deleted a somewhat important page and need to get it back.   The page was “faculty-hours”.  The full path was “
help needed
I’m working with a designer (who is not at Yale) on the website for my project, and a member of the designer’s team has some technical...
Site Name Not Updating Even After Flushing Cache Files
Good Afternoon, Even after flushing cache files, the change I made to the site name is only visible when I am CAS’d in. We are trying to get...
Subheader to Site Name
Good Afternoon, We are looking to keep the Yale Well as is, but we want to remove the colon and put  A Student Wellness Resource directly next to it...
Scheduling Cron
I need Cron to run hourly in order to import an RSS feed. The feed is set up successfully using Aggregator, and manually updating items works just...
Glitches Post-SSL Installation
Dear YaleSites Team, Since the application of the SSL Installation (thank you for making the Center’s main site and extensions current with the...
Double task bar 09/19/17
Including Speaker/Performer from Bede Calendar to Drupal calendar
Hello - many of the website that are managed here at MacMillan have requested that the information for the Speaker/Performer be included when the...
Add Field to Content Type
I would like to add a link field to the content type “Report” on our Sustainability Page.  Currently the other fields include: Report Type Year Image...
Calendar Importing
Hello, I hope all is well, and write with what I hope to be a quick question.  In attempting to manually import both the Divinity & Judaic...
rotating header
The rotating header images on our website have disappeared. This happened once before and I was told it was a bug of some kind.  The images appear...
Order people by people type (custom order, not alphabetical)
Hi YaleSites team, We have a YaleSite for our research lab, and in the “People” view, we need to display people sorted according to a specific order...
Need help with change to Main Menu
I need help with changes to the main menu.  I was supposed to remove one block from the Study Abroad section but instead removed Study Abroad from...
View Looking Wonky
I was on this page and noticed that the columns are not lining up. Tis was built by User Experience and Digital Strategy for us.
Change Website name
Dear Yale Sites Team The title of the website ‘MA Program in International and Development Economics’ that was pre-populated when I took over...
Drupal Calendar View Discrepancy (Week of...)
Hi YaleSites Team, When previewing the Center’s Drupal-based website calendar by week, the Introductory Tour on 9/16, and other future weekend...
Extremely problematic bug with People page please help find solution ASAP
Today, as I do every year, I sent out an E-mail asking people to review and update their personal pages on our department website by going to...
Quality of Group Member Photos
This was a migrated site. The Group Member photos that I’m adding are blurred and not of great quality, including the migrated pics; they are...
People Directory- Manual listing
I have attempted to add the People Directory - Manual Listing, and I may have done it by following the instructions you provide online. But now I don...
Content and config changes not visible for public/anon
Hello, I’ve made some edits and changed the <front> designation on the site.    I can only see these changes when I am...