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Bedework Importer - No Images
Hi team, Images no longer being pulled in by Bedework importer. Any chance we can have someone take a quick look as to why? Best, Blayze Edit: No...
changing a theme on a live site problem
I changed the theme of my site and saved the configuration, now several regions on the site are no  longer visible.  How do I fix this? Denise
Bedeworks Calendar Information Intergration
Hello YaleSites, Is there an efficient way to integrate the information from our bedeworks calendar into the events view that has already been...
setting up/testing out Acquia/Solr search in dev
Hi everyone, I’m excited to try out faceted Acquia/Solr search for FES, how do I configure the provisioned dev yalesite to use it?    I don...
Views and Data Export Module
I’d like to be able to export data  from some of the various content types.  I think I’m missing a module. Any help would be appreciated.
Getting image to appear inline with text, not above text
I want the fields of the Event Profiles content type to be shown inline with the image thumbnail instead of below it. I want it be basically how our...
Office Hour
Hello Carris, Would it be possible to meet sometimes next week?  I have some questions on how to adjust the photos on the site and how...
Visibility of a New Content Type
Hi YaleSites, I’ve created a new Content Type, Virtual Tour, and have not had any issues manipulating the overall look and feel of the node,...
Requesting administrative access
Hi, I am looking to be made an administrator of this site so that I can update it for the current year. The previous student leaders of this group do...
Need to remove a page
Good morning Carris, Would you be able to help me? I  will also post this to the ‘forum’. I am trying to remove a page - ‘Current Students’ listed...
Automatic calendar feed
On the YQI website, they offer the option of subscribing to the YQI seminar calendar, which gets ALL YQI events added to my phone iCal with just one...
Problem with Views operation "modify entity values"
I created a view here:  to allow for batch edits of our published Alumni Class Note content...
In the past, I have had access to update and edit our Department Webpage, my access doesn’t seem current, can you help?
Alias is already in use
Hi, one of the sites adm (Jennifer Weintritt) is having problems saving changes made to our calendar. Please see below. In looking over the...
Bug with maintenance mode / protected node
hi.  my site isn’t going into maintenance mode.  while it is checked when logged in, it is, in fact, in maint. mode, in other browsers (not...
Searchable Database for Student Opportunities
We are hoping to be able to create a searchable database housed on our website that enables students to look through a variety of organizations,...
URL Redirect from a View to an External Page
Hello, I was wondering how to put in a URL redirect in a page with a view so it takes the user to a different website when they click on the page....
Request for Office Hours
I am writing to request office hours. I have just activated Google Analytics for this site and am interested in learning more about tracking activity...
Menu Block is not linking to the content
I created a menu block that shows the field Event Type of the content type Event Profile. It shows all of them properly but they are not linked. I...
PDF upload to website
I am unable to upload a PDF file to my departments site