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Titles not showing on rotating banner
I noticed that the title is not showing up on the rotating header banner images. Is there anything that can be done? Thank you, Daphne
Need help with iCal and/or RSS feed from Drupal Calendar
I need to have a feed available from the calendar on I need a feed that I can use with MailChimp to consume and email event...
Requesting office hours
Hello!  I’m working in and I’d love to sit down with a YaleSites expert to get some help on updating from 2013 to...
A-Z Faculty listing
Hello. My A-Z attachment on the affiliate faculty page isn’t working. Can you take a look?
Calendar feed from bedework
I have noticed that the room number does not come over from the new bedework calendar in the feed stream. Please let me know how I can add that...
Edit bio by inserting space between paragraphs
I can’t get the space between two paragraphs in a faculty bio to show up.
Event times
The events I am entering with correct times but on the calendar page they show up as 9pm. When I try to correct the time in the edit view the time is...
rotating feature slideshow - caption area
I wish to have the rotating feature on this site - formatted so that the caption is on the right with a block...
CCK Block not showing up in /admin/structure/block
I am trying to use CCK Blocks to show fields from a certain content type in the sidebar as opposed to the main content region. Example here: http://...
Updated files don't show
I have a very strange and annoying problem with my yalesites site. On a web page there is a link to my CV (...
Acquia Hosted Site Backup Procedure
Since the sites have been moved to Acquia hosting AND the previous procedure for getting a site backup download does not work on the Acquia platform...
Change the directing URL
Dear Sir/Madam, I was wondering if it’s possible to change the directing URL from to please? And how long it may...
Export one type of content from my site?
Is there a way to export a specific content type from my website? I’m working on re-developing this site, and content has been added to the...
Adding a photo and text to a sidebar
Uncertain how to add a photo and text to a sidebar on our website. Also need guidance on updating links and data on sidebars
browser security warning blocking attachment downloads
I’m receiving complaints that if a user  is trying to download an attached form on our site, they get a security block stating the connection...
Garbled layout in IE
We’re getting menu text jammed together in the upper right corner of the Berkeley Divinity School website when viewed in IE. Look at the red...
Website Page Issue
Hello, The members section of our website looks as if it is squished to the left side of the page. If you can help me center the content on this page...
Shaded area in rotating header image - how to remove
There is a shaded area appearing at the bottom of each of my rotating header images which I would like to remove.  I’ve tried different...
Urgent: Anonymous webform submission isn't working
Hello, I have an urgent request please. The webform that I have created isn’t working for anonymous users. This is a conference registration...
Adding someone to the website
Hello, I have added EALL’s first year student, Cheng Li (net ID: cl974, and email: cheng.li36...