Hyphens, em dashes and en dashes

There are times when you need to separate words or phrases in the content for your site. In the world of typography, there are distinct differences between a hyphen, en dashes and em dashes used to separate words or phrases. Often, when writing for a website, you need to use cumbersome keystroke combinations to get the correct size of your dash. However, if you follow these simple conventions, the text on your YaleSite will display dashes correctly.

- press the dash key once Separate words or breaks in words such as compound words (How-to Guide, grouped phone numbers 555-860-5086)
– press the dash key twice double dash displays an en-dash; generally joins grouped numbers such as years or pages (1200–1400 B.C. or pages 1–5)
— press the dash key three times triple dash displays an em-dash; used to separate main clauses in a sentence (I love YaleSites — It makes building a web site so easy!