Getting a site backup

You may periodically need a backup of your site to recreate it on your local environment, or if you’re setting up a local development environment for the first time, it’s easiest to use these instructions to replicate your dev site. To obtain a copy, of your site:

  1. Log into Yale Secure File Transfer. This will create an account if you do not already have one.
  2. From your dev site, enable the Site Backup module.
    Enable Site Backup Module
  3. From the administration menu, go to Configuration > Development > Site Backup.
  4. Enter your Yale NetID in the recipient field, and click Send site backup.
    • For database only, please check the Database only check box. 
      Site Backup configuration

An archive will be available for download in approximately 5-10 minutes from depending on size of the website.

The full site archive contains a copy of the database and code tree (including the sites/default/files directory). The database can be imported into your local environment and the sites/default/files/ directory can be copied into your cloned repository.

Reminder: local databases are for development and theming use only, and will not be imported back into the Yale environment.